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"Rosemary Riddell, who had lived and breathed Arthur's story during her husband's writing of the novel and during the long years it was taking to get it onto the screen, accepted the offer to direct. Together, they have created a heartfelt New Zealand story told by New Zealand actors, directors, and writers. And it's all done under the glowing benediction of Ponsonby's insatiable moon."

Equity Magazine

"Films can allow the viewer to go into the lounges, the bathrooms, and the bedrooms of communities we'd never have the opportunity to go into - and by doing that we find that they're the same as us."

Metro Magazine

"But Mike and Rosemary Riddell (as writer and director respectively) have such a compassionate view of life - tempered with a wry sense of humour and willingness to address the sordid - that they manage to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, the implausible into the plausibe."

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