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Principal Cast

Arthur - Rawiri Paratene

International star of Whale Rider, Rawiri Paratene is a legend in his native New Zealand. His long history of acting in film and television is complemented by his own writing abilities, recognised by the awarding of the prestigious Burns Fellowship. Rawiri, a Maori from Nga Puhi in the Hokianga, has been attached to The Insatiable Moon for six years. He says: “The character of Arthur captivated me; the worlds he moves in are intriguing; it’s a bloody good yarn well told. The novel reads like a movie waiting to be shot. The universality of the story; the humour… but the thing that really grabbed me is the unashamed spirituality!”

Margaret - Sara Wiseman

Award-winning actor Sara Wiseman has starred in a number of New Zealand films, including Sione’s Wedding, Jinx Sister, and Matariki. She is also well known as the star of many television series in her home country. Sara, another one who writes as well as acts, has a Bachelor of Screen and Performing Arts. She lives in Auckland from where she performs a number of roles both in film and theatre. Sara made the cut from auditions which included the cream of New Zealand’s acting talent; chosen for her stillness, vulnerability, and being able to get inside the head of her character.

Bob - Greg Johnson

Playing the character of Bob, the boarding house Manager, Greg Johnson uses his considerable talent to make the role his own. Greg is a veteran star of New Zealand screen. Besides performing in numerous local television series, he has acted in such feature films as The End of the Golden Weather, The Piano, Spooked, and The World’s Fastest Indian. Greg initially auditioned for a different role in the film, but was immediately identified as a potential Bob. Given the opportunity, he relished the part and brought an endearing mix of gruff humour and compassion to it.

Norm - Ian Mune

Ian Mune is the patriarchal figure of New Zealand film. As an award winning actor, writer and director Ian has been involved in some of the most successful and creative films to be made in the country. His acting credits include Sleeping Dogs, Once Were Warriors, The Lord of the Rings, and Perfect Creature. He was writer/director of Came a Hot Friday, The End of the Golden Weather, and director of What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? Ian is a towering figure in New Zealand cinema, with vast experience. Says Mune: “The Insatiable Moon is really very interesting and exciting, and it’s a pleasure to be on the set. I have a similar feeling on this script to that which I had when looking at Once Were Warriors before it came out.”

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Principal Crew


Rosemary Riddell

Rosemary Riddell is possibly the world’s first feature director to have a day job as a District Court Judge. She is the award-winning director of the short film Cake Tin, and brings to film an extensive background in acting and directing for theatre. She began her career acting at Downstage theatre in Wellington in the early seventies. Directing her first feature in The Insatiable Moon, Rosemary brings a keen eye for performances and for story. She has collaborated with writer husband Mike on a number of projects, including the hit play Jerusalem, Jerusalem which toured New Zealand and Britain.


Thomas Burstyn

Tom Burstyn is a multi award-winning Canadian cinematographer, now resident in New Zealand. With vast experience in both feature film and television cinematography, he has worked with legendary directors and actors in the course of a long career that included a stint in Hollywood. Tom’s credits include films such as Mr Wrong, Lotus Eaters, Boys from County Clare, and The 4400. Widely respected within the international film community, Tom has a flair for the use of natural light. He is the promoter of a philosophy of making films which he calls ‘Frugal Filmmaking’. Tom was the director of the recent award-winning film This Way of Life.


Mike Riddell

Mike is primarily a writer, with ten published books to his credit including three novels. In latter years he has become a playwright and screenwriter. When Pip Piper optioned Mike’s first novel, The Insatiable Moon (HarperCollins), he asked Mike to write the screenplay. Mike, who runs a small production house called Holy Bucket Productions, became New Zealand producer of the film as well as writer of it. He has production credits for short films and documentaries, as well as for his own play Jerusalem, Jerusalem. Mike holds a PhD from the University of Otago.


Pip Piper

Pip Piper took an option on the novel The Insatiable Moon in 2002. A UK producer based in Birmingham, Pip is one of the principals of a production house Blue Hippo Media. He has produced hundreds of projects including the award-winning documentary A Life in Adaptation. His company is currently responsible for a slate of feature films in development. Pip is a director of the West Midlands Producers Forum. He travelled out to New Zealand for the shoot of The Insatiable Moon.


Rob Taylor

The other director of Blue Hippo Media, Rob Taylor has a background in the music industry, and in the business administration of charitable organisations. A fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Rob is a champion of black and ethnic minority music and art. Now based in Blue Hippo’s production house, Rob still does consultant work for some charities. He has been instrumental in The Insatiable Moon from the earliest days of development, and has overseen much of the legal and administrative work throughout the process.


Neville Copland

Based in Dunedin, Neville has a stellar background in creating music for film and television. Holding a Mus.B Hons, he is a former Mozart Fellow at the University of Otago. For many years he was in-house composer for NHNZ (owned by Fox Studios) where he completed soundtracks for a wide range of international documentaries. Neville’s many accomplishments include winning best music for the NZ Film & Television awards an astonishing four times. He is also an accomplished live performer.

Executive Producer

Tim Sanders

Arguably the most experienced producer in New Zealand, Tim Sanders is a double BAFTA award winner. An Australian national, he has been resident in New Zealand for many years. Tim’s credits in both film and television are legendary and include The Year of Living Dangerously, Reckless Kelly, The Frighteners, Whale Rider, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, and Perfect Creature. Tim has been involved with The Insatiable Moon in one form or another since 2003, and has helped to guide it through development. He brings vast experience and insight to the role.

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Additional Cast

John - Mick Inness

Kevin - Jason Hoyte

Karen - Sophie Hakaraia

Penny - Sarah Valentine

Wal - Don Linden

Pete - Lee Tuson

Sandy - Rob McCulley

Morrie - Jimmy Vraniqi

Taffy - Grant McFarland

Bridget - Andrea Kelland

Roger - Ray Woolf

Carolyn - Teresa Woodham

Barbara - Vicky Yiannoutsos

Brian - John Leigh

Digby - Bruce Phillips

Tony de Villiers - Matthew Chamberlain

Sarah - Laurel Devine

Hannah - Sophie Fromont

Kate - Alice Fromont

Bank Teller - Elliot Christensen-Yule

Grace - Sarah Somerville

Doctor - Phil Peleton

Orderly 1 - Andrew Beattie

Orderly 2 - Rikus Vermaak

Nurse 1 - Jennifer Freed

Nurse 2 - Hana Vraniqi

Nurse 3 - Ginnie Denny

Speaker - Tim Beveridge

Organist - Linn Lorkin

Angel 1 - Sarah James

Angel 2 - Johnny Angel

Jogger - Chris Steel

TV Tech 1 - Benjamin Murray

TV Tech 2 - Sean Loftin

TV Tech 3 - Angela Gray

Busker 1 - Luke Hurley

Busker 2 - Johnny Matteson

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Additional Crew

Associate Producers - Thomas Burstyn, Anton Steel, Jo Ffowcs Williams, Rob & Lois Kilpatrick, Rosemary & Alex Duncan

Executive Producer - David Ball

Editor - Paul Maxwell

Production Designer - Brent Hargreaves

1st Assistant Director - Fraser Ross

2nd Assistant Director - Steve Khrone

3rd Assistant Directors - Henry Jian, Deborah Pope

1st Camera Assist - Dave Cawley

Casting - Rosemary Riddell, Catch Casting

Gaffer - Jon Freedman

Grip - Todd Nevell

Storyboard Artist - Gair Cook

Makeup & Hair Stylist - Vanessa Hurley

Locations Manager - Troy Stanton-Kerr

Media Manager - Sam Genders

Line Producer - Maile Daugherty

Second Unit Director - Anton Steel

Post Production Manager - Maile Daugherty

Mental Health Advisor - Johnny Matteson

Post Production Services - Images & Sound

Legal Services - Matt Emery

Insurance - Paul Weir

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