Reviews of the film:

Empire Magazine 4 stars

“Another reminder of the quality of Kiwi filmmaking”

Screen International

“sweetly uplifting New Zealand film that is modest in content but has enough rough and ready charm to work with broadcasters and distribs keen to fill the gap in the heartfelt flick arena”

Fortean Times

“The movie encompasses a wide emotional range, taking in Ealing-esque comedy, social comment and spiritual speculation, and is funny, heart-warming and tear-jerking by turns… Some have dubbed the film ‘One Flew Over the Kiwi’s Nest’”

NZ Woman’s Weekly - Five Stars

“This kiwi gem tackles mental illness and homelessness in a display of cinematic brilliance, making it the best local film since Boy.”

Film Talk

“Whale Rider’s excellent Rawiri Paratene bolsters this Kiwi crowd-pleaser”

Kindred Spirit Magazine

“This charming film from New Zealand explores difficult themes from mental health to paedophilia…a seriously entertaining film”

NZ Lawyer

“A heartfelt New Zealand story… under the glowing benediction of Ponsonby’s insatiable moon.”

The Pavement Magazine

“The Insatiable Moon will make you think, make you talk, make you laugh and – yes – may even make you cry”

Professor Peter Gilbert

“A profoundly  human and life-affirming film, it should be seen by all concerned in mental health and wellbeing, and all who seek to understand the range of dimensions in our humanity.”

Golden Bay Weekly

“truly excellent film… It simply remains for The Insatiable Moon to make some serious money”

NZ News UK Review

“this New Zealand film should become one of our cinematic treasures”

Waikato Times Review – Four Stars

“Great story… hilarious… delightful romp through a character-filled world”

Radio NZ National – Simon Morris

“last time I heard an audience reaction like this was Whale Rider

NZ Herald

4/5 stars “an irresistably winning mix of pathos, humour, and something close to wonder”

Herald On Sunday

4/5 stars – “strong lead performances”

Yahoo Review

“This is a movie with heart. Go see it instead of one of the usual soulless blockbusters at your multiplex”

Reel Late With Kate, TV3

“Thought provoking… performances are excellent…Paratene does a beautiful job”

Metro Magazine review by Graham Adams October 2010

“a wry sense of humour… they manage to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary”

Tui Motu Magazine review by Paul Sorrell September 2010

“If you only get out to one film this year, don’t miss this richly imaginative and complex film”

Anglican Taonga

“This is One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest meets Chocolat.”

Listener Magazine review by David Larsen

“interesting and thoroughly original… genuinely sweet without being the least bit saccharine”

Deep Cinema Review by Mary Trainor-Brigham

“a heartfelt delight which invites your very soul to sing”