NZ Screenings

In General Release

The Insatiable Moon began its release on Thursday 7th October 2010 across New Zealand. Still screening in a few places after an amazing 10 week run, but mostly we’ve now finished our initial outing in cinemas. From here on in it’s a matter of waiting for the DVD release on April 6 2011. There’ll be a special presale offer going up on the website early 2011 – keep an eye out for it.

And a warm thanks to all who supported us by attending cinemas throughout the land over the last few months.

Stop Press…

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water – the film is still screening at the Hawkins Theatre in Papakura Auckland ( and at the Arthouse Cinema in New Plymouth.

A few comments below:

Audience Feedback

“The characterisation, dialogue and story are fabulous.  We were both in tears several times during the movie.  The big, tough male that I am, I managed to keep my tears hidden from Val until later”

“I finally got to the Bridgeway at the weekend to see the film, and mightily impressed I was too. It’s a fine achievement. For a first-time director, I thought Rosemary did a fantastic job, and the cinematography was wonderful. Good acting too – I loved Rawiri Paratene, and Ian Mune is always superb, of course. Plaudits all round then – you must be well satisfied to have brought this to such a great conclusion.”

“Saw “Insatiable Moon” at the Metro over the weekend. What a marvellous movie, made me cry at parts. I know you had money problems but it certainly did not show.”

“We watched the movie at Shoreline in Waikanae yesterday and were absolutely delighted with the experience… we will be rooting for a BAFTA at least”

“A great achievement. Saw it yesterday. A story with point and heart, with great performances”

“Saw Insatiable Moon last Saturday, thoroughly enjoyed it”

“Just saw the movie and loved it! At the Rialto in Newmarket tonight we all clapped. Great story, fabulous acting, wonderful camera work, charming…”

“Have just seen “Moon” and thoroughly enjoyed the experience”

“Saw The Insatiable Moon last night in Waikanae and just want to let you know that my partner and I love the film”

“We thought it was superb. A great piece of filmaking, especially considering your small budget. A great homegrown story superbly communicated and excellently directed. We were both in tears”

“It’s moving and memorable, I’ll be seeing it again.”

“I like films that stay in my mind and I want to see it again – this is one of them.”

“Excellent movie brilliantly done by all of you”

“You got to see this film. Up there with Smash Palace and Goodby Pok Pie. A must. If you only see one film this year then make it this one.”

“This is a very powerful film that deeply moves one’s emotions. High EQ people are strongly advised to take tissues!”