Moon Ambassadors

Moon Ambassadors

You have been invited by Arthur, second son of God, to represent the republic of The Insatiable Moon in your earthly region. This is a solemn and unique responsibility. Were you to accept the mission, you would be shining the lunar magic into areas previously unenlightened by it. This document will help you consider this great honor.

Philosophy of the Moon

We, the makers and supporters of The Insatiable Moon, believe these truths to be self-evident:

1. This is a small film that might just change the world.

2. Everything that has life is sacred.

3. Sometimes you have to let go and see where you end up.

4. Everyone is welcome, but watch out for people with shiny shoes.

5. Smart people can be really dumb, and dumb people really smart.

6. The rich will inherit the world they make.

7. They’re welcome to it.

8. Arthur is exactly who you believe him to be.

9. Miracles are all around us.

10. Love is like water; it shapes us softly.

11. Wisdom is often found in funny places.

12. When the sun rises, the bird sings.

Some Facts about The Insatiable Moon

# The film was eight years in the making, and every time it seemed that it would die, it managed to struggle through.

# It was shot for NZ$340,000, using a philosophy called Frugal Filmmaking.

# That philosophy involved a focus on story, performance and drama rather than equipment. It meant a light and mobile crew, but also professional standards.

# No one worked on the project who didn’t believe in it. Neither the director, the producers, the writer, or the many film graduate trainees were paid.

# Over a five week shoot, the film finished on budget and on schedule.

# The entire shoot was financed through private investors who believed in the project.

# It was grounded in reality, with the major set being a working home for those with mental health difficulties.

# The cast were the cream of New Zealand acting talent, who gave above and beyond themselves.

# The crew pulled off a minor miracle, inspired by director Rosemary Riddell and cinematographer Thomas Burstyn.

# The whole project was steeped in ongoing generosity and love.

Why We Need Ambassadors

As you might have guessed, The Insatiable Moon is not like other films. Made on a shoestring and constantly triumphing over adversity, the story made it to screen and has won continuing adulation from audiences. There has been no studio backing the film, no financiers to inject promotional funds.

Even though it has been distributed in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, the normal resources used to promote a feature film have not been available. Given this situation, the producers have determined to make a virtue out of necessity. They firmly believe that the best resource they have is the passion of those who love the movie.

Just as The Insatiable Moon was made using a unique philosophy, it is proposed that it now be promoted according to an entirely different model. Rather than huge posters and massive advertising campaigns, we want to use the people on the ground to spread this story around the globe. Moon ambassadors will join the venture by working to promote it in their sphere of influence.

Responsibilities of Moon Ambassadors

  1. To help initiate and promote screenings of the film in their territories. This might be through negotiating with local arthouse cinemas, arranging private screenings for groups of people, or enabling festival or discussion-based events.
  2. To promote the film (and novel it’s based on) wherever possible through their networks, friends, colleagues and spheres of influence.
  3. This may include social media; generating partnerships with national and regional organisations; press and print opportunities for promotion and articles.
  4. To stimulate discussion, wherever possible, around the themes of the film – this may be assisted through screenings of the documentary Lunatic: Destigmatizing Mental Health with Arthur of Ponsonby.
  5. To offer feeback and suggestions to the producers as a result of the above activities.

Rewards of Moon Ambassadors

  1. You will be recognised as part of The Insatiable Moon team as an official Ambassador, with all the kudos that goes with being associated with a feature film – including being listed on the Moon website as a member of our diplomatic corps.
  2. This is something you can do that might actually make a difference in the world. The story of the film invites people into a realm where they might become aware of their own participation in stigma and prejudice. Stories have the power to change perception.
  3. The role will work very well for those who have a special interest in a particular area such as mental health, human rights, justice or faith.
  4. Satisfaction from being one of Arthur’s mates.


In order to assist Ambassadors in their roles, we’re happy to supply as much material as possible – much of it through access to special areas of the Moon website. Resources will include:

  1. A copy of the official Press Kit that contains synopses, movie anecdotes and cast & crew profiles.
  2. Access to a large variety of production stills in both high and low resolution formats.
  3. Selected artwork such as poster art that can be adapted for local usage.
  4. Assistance with supplying copies of the film in appropriate formats as required for screenings.
  5. Access to lots of help and support from the producers, including with any legal or technical issues arising from helping us distribute the film.

How to Apply

If you think this might be your thing, please drop us an email to telling us your name, why you’re interested in becoming a Moon Ambassador, and what opportunities you envisage for promoting the film in your area/field of influence. We will then begin a conversation with you about how the relationship might be developed.

This is a great opportunity to be involved in an intriguing journey that has only just begun. It’s also a way to model a new way of distributing films in the world, which will give access to the little people. We look forward to working with you.