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A dramatic vehicle for challenging attitudes toward mental illness

Changing attitudes and perception is a difficult and lengthy process. The makers of the hit New Zealand movie The Insatiable Moon believe that one of the most effective ways of engaging people is through the telling of a story. Now, as a complement to the feature film, comes a documentary and discussion guide to enable groups of people to confront their own prejudices in relation to mental illness.

The Insatiable Moon tells the story of Arthur (played by Whale Rider star Rawiri Paratene), a man diagnosed with a psychiatric illness, who believes himself to be the second son of God. Through beguiling storytelling, the film invites audiences into a world they normally pass by on city fringes. Together with his band of street people, Arthur brings love and magic into the world. He invites us to consider what madness is, and whether people deserve to be sidelined because they don’t conform to conventions.

Lunatic, a 37 minute documentary, uses scenes from the film to examine attitudes toward mental illness. In particular, it highlights the stigma associated with ‘madness’. Examining attitudes in both New Zealand and England, Lunatic investigates the world of the mentally ill from the inside. The accompanying discussion booklet allows groups to process the material in a way that allows for a change in perception.

For the first time, this package of resources is being made available to organisations and groups who may wish to engage the public on the issue of mental illness and associated stigma. Such agencies might include mental health provider services, human rights groups, schools, churches and consumer organisations.

The normal resource package to be offered will include:

• A DVD of The Insatiable Moon feature film
• A DVD of Lunatic: Destigmatizing Mental Illness with Arthur of Ponsonby
• A copy of the associated Lunatic Discussion Book

The resource package can be licensed to suit the needs of various organisations and their planned use of it. The licensing fee will be tailored to specific requirements, eg:

• A large organisation wanting a lifetime licence to use in multiple scenarios
• An educational institution wishing to have access for specific uses
• A group planning a one-off training day

Public screenings can be licensed and the film provided in various formats (DVD, Digibeta,
DCP) to meet specific situations. Likewise the discussion booklet can be provided in numbers appropriate to usage.

Let us know what it is you are wanting to do with this resource, and we will begin a conversation with you as to cost and the best way of meeting your needs.

We look forward to working with you. In general your first port of call should be according to region:

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