In-flight Moonies

Posted on May 16, 2012 by Mike Riddell

Huge thanks to Air New Zealand for being one of our biggest supporters. They’ve had The Insatiable Moon screening on international flights for more than a year now. We get a constant stream of emails from people who’ve seen the film there and enjoyed it. It helps to keep the movie before an audience, and has turned out to be the biggest earner for us (not that we’ve even come close to getting 10% back of what we spent making it). It also exposes the film to international fliers, thus spreading the word of mouth around the world.

A recent blogpost by New Zealand film critic Sarah Watt described her reaction when she discovered the film en route to Cannes:

“Thanks to the generosity and possible patriotism of AirNZ, I was upgraded to Premium Economy for the first time in a relatively long life of international travel. The Skycouch and excellent food and drink were all the more appreciated given I am not being funded by a media organisation, but am travelling as a civilian. That said, once AirNZ were told of my ultimate destination, they happily set me off with a glass of French champers and the fine choice in inflight entertainment. At last, time to catch up with Mark Wahlberg in Contraband (I know Mark nearly always plays himself, but he does it so well!) and then a shamefully belated introduction to Mike and Rosemary Riddell’s beautiful and touching The Insatiable Moon. It has taken me far too long to catch this locally-made and Ponsonby-based adaptation of Mike’s book, and while not all of the themes sat comfortably with me, I was frequently moved to tears. In daylight! In the aeroplane! The stewardesses feigned not to notice.” (see the full post here)

So if you find yourself on an Air NZ flight (and why wouldn’t you?), take the time to reaquaint yourself with Arthur and The Insatiable Moon.


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