Happy Anniversary Baby!

Posted on July 14, 2011 by Mike Riddell

Last night the NZ International Film Festival for 2011 kicked off, under the light of a full moon. It brought back a flood of memories from the 2010 festival, when The Insatiable Moon premiered to the public for the very first time on July 17.

What a night it was! Everyone in their gladrags, limousines, all the stars, the screening sold out weeks ahead, an extended standing ovation with all 700 members of the audience on their feet, a great Q&A to finish, and then the mother of all after-parties down at the Auckland Viaduct. By 4.00am the director and I were back in the hotel room with our UK producers Pip and Rob, celebrating the event with a whiskey. After 8 years of development, it was worth having a blowout.

So there we go – we’re coming up to the 12 month anniversary since the finished film had its first outing. Since that time it’s been a wild ride – touring the film around NZ with the festival; the NZ cinematic release through Rialto in early October; a triumphant London premiere in the West End; another in Birmingham; a 4 star review in Empire magazine; Moon at the Empire in Leicester Square to begin it’s UK release; the NZ DVD release in April; and currently the associated doco Lunatic about to be released.

We are now poised on the threshold of making the film available in other territories, and soon will be recruiting Moon Ambassadors to assist with this. Throughout this astonishing journey, we’ve stayed true to our identity of a small independent film with a huge heart. Constantly we’re amazed and surprised at the support and generosity of people who believe in the significance of the film and want to promote it. What we lack in financial resources we make up for in good old people power.

The one thing we’ve learned over the past year (and the whole period of the film’s development) is that this story will find its own path in the world. And, most importantly, that the adventure has only just begun. Thanks so much to all you who have followed the story, and let’s raise a glass and a toast to the transit of the Moon. As SamRB sings so compellingly over the credits of the film, Life Has Just Begun.

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