An Open Invitation to PM David Cameron

Posted on March 8, 2011 by Mike Riddell

Producer of the film The Insatiable Moon has issued an open invitation to the Prime Minister of Britain to attend the film, currently screening in Leicester Square. “I’ll even pay for his ticket,” says Piper.

The film, starring Rawiri Paratene from Whale Rider, covers homelessness, mental health and stigma in its storyline about a Maori psychiatric patient who believes himself to be the second son of God. Veteran New Zealand actor Ian Mune plays an alcoholic who sleeps rough in the park.

Piper’s motivation for issuing the invitation to David Cameron has been sparked by recent moves from the Westminster Council to ban the homeless from their streets, and also to outlaw groups providing aid to the homeless ( “It’s a classic case of attacking the victims of monetarism,” says Piper. “We want to hide the evidence of what’s happening in our land.”

He sees it as time to ignite the debate about poverty and its causes, and also to look at issues such as stigma and marginalisation. “Our film, while not primarily about issues, is one that reinforces the human dignity of all people, whatever their circumstances. This might be something for David Cameron to reconsider.”

The film, awarded 4 stars by Empire magazine, is currently screening at the Empire. Piper is urging the international community to encourage David Cameron both to see The Insatiable Moon and to talk about it afterwards.

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