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Posted on December 19, 2010 by Mike Riddell

Great to get some recognition for Moon. Simon Morris, wise man of film, sums up the 2010  cinematic year for Radio NZ National here.

Of NZ films, he says: “The Lovely Bones – undercooked in the script department, overcooked in the special effects one;

Boy – a huge hit but kids drama occasionally sat uncomfortably with the adult comedy;

Home by Christmas – well acted but a little short on content

The rest of NZ films this year suffered from too little story and a general feeling of glum hopelessness. Only one, the low budget independent The Insatiable Moon offered a straitforward plot, driven by some good performances, especially Greg Johnson as the hard-bitten boarding house owner.”

Thanks Simon.

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  1. Tania Roxborogh says:

    I agree about Greg Johnson. I’ve said it before. His character was without sugar coating but covered in appreciation and respect for those he was charged with caring for (despite being paid for doing so).

    Mike, keep doing what you are doing in terms of your promotion. It’s now past 18 months since the first of my trilogy hit the book shops and international editors have been wary (there is not a vampire or angel to be seen in the story) but my agent is passionate the story will have its place in the sun.

    Insatiable Moon is one of the most spectacularly satisfying movies I’ve ever seen (and, I’m not a reviewer but a Media Studies and English teacher and author and reviewer of books so I like to think that my vote counts – and a Christian so I hope that doesn’t count against me!)

    And, yes, I loved Boy and Two cars and one night (an almost replica of one of my many childhood experiences) but Moon is different – it’s like American Beauty, Juno, um, Two Smoking Guns. Goodbye Pork Pie, Sleeping Dogs….

    It’s a memorable, uplifting, challenging tale.

    Keep pushing.
    Kia kaha

    December 19th, 2010 at 1:05 pm ()

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