Next we take the Empire

Posted on November 30, 2010 by Mike Riddell

Good news from the UK that The Insatiable Moon will open it’s British release at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, on February 25 2011. This is a great and historic venue and an appropriate place to be launching the film as it begins nationwide distribution.

As we prepare for this we will be building a campaign throughout Britain which will include media exposure and a groundswell of popular expectation generated through social media and other means. This means that all of our friends throughout the world have a role to play in letting their contacts know. We’ll keep you posted with ways in which you can help.

From the earliest stages, the producers have seen The Insatiable Moon as a story which will travel, and in many ways our outing in the UK through distribution partners Blue Dolphin represents the first step in that journey.

Meantime back in NZ we are approaching our ninth week in cinemas. And we’ve just heard that the film is number 3 on the playlist for Air NZ. Not bad for a film that almost didn’t make it!

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