Fly me to the Moon

Posted on November 9, 2010 by Mike Riddell

For anyone on an Air NZ plane, the good news is that The Insatiable Moon is available on your inflight entertainment system. A good enough reason alone to book your travel through Air NZ. While the screen may be a little on the small size, you get the chance to kick back and enjoy some quality drama. For us on the production side it’s a great opportunity for the film to be seen by folk from all around the world.

Air New Zealand have been good to us in terms of giving us a bit of a hand up when we flew to London recently. In particular, the CEO Rob Fyfe was not so enmeshed in corporate affairs that he couldn’t take the time to write and recognise the plucky efforts of a kiwi film with no budget. Big ups to Rob and the whole team at Air NZ, who still manage to provide that little bit extra in terms of flying experiences.

In a time when we’re all too aware of the dark side of the corporates, it’s refreshing to find a kiwi company that still does things in a kiwi sort of way – giving people a bit of a hand when they need it.

It may be an expensive way to get to see the movie, but we hope you’ll agree it’s worth it!

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