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Posted on October 16, 2010 by Mike Riddell

Monday 11th October saw the gala premiere of the film at Cineworld in the West End. A packed house demonstrated huge enthusiasm for the film, which included a lively Q&A featuring lead actor Rawiri Paratene and director Rosemary Riddell. UK producer Pip Piper said of the evening:

“The London premiere was amazing for many reasons, firstly here was the film we have all been apart of for so many years up on the big screen in the west end! to boot it was exactly the same cinema and screen we all sat in 8 years ago to see the “whale rider” premiere at which we discussed making the insatiable moon. A capacity crowd with great audience reactions, full of laughter and solemn silence and a lively and very positive Q and A afterwards”
Pip Piper: UK producer, blue hippo media

Some comments from those who attended:

“It was great to be there, great to see the film in a foreign land and to see how a powerful story can cross borders”

“It is a beautiful film, emotive and inspiring”

“It was an extraordinary movie and one that left me deeply moved, it was a good 30 minutes after I left the cinema before I felt capable of trying to string a few words together.  Clearly it’s a great story, and it was superbly shot and acted.”

“The Insatiable Moon is a great movie, very entertaining but challenging on the issue of community care of vulnerable people.  It deserves many awards.”

“I was impressed, you should be proud of yourselves”

“What a triumph!  We loved the movie; poignant, moving.  And I hope it gets the broadcast it deserves.  There can’t be many film premieres that finish  up with a deep discussion on mental health issues, the meaning of life,  spirituality, a person with mental health issues in his gold suit and all washed down with a Maori blessing.”

And a few photos of the event, courtesy of Jenny Green Photography

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  1. Jo FFowcs Williams says:

    Still more excitement. Look forward to reports of the next prem.Good to see so many expats at the London Premiere. Wish I could be there. Arohanui, Jo.

    October 18th, 2010 at 8:43 am ()

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