Back from the dark side…

Posted on September 13, 2010 by Mike Riddell


On September 14 last year, we blogged about the dark side of the moon. At the time we were a bit cagey about the underlying causes of our near collapse. The funding had all evaporated, our director and lead cast had withdrawn, and the producers weighed up whether the sensible thing to do was to finally give up. For a couple of days we endured deep depression at the prospect of losing all the work that had gone on over many years.

The blogpost below was written exactly one year ago. It’s easy enough now to say we made the right choice in forging ahead with next to nothing, but at the time it was a hugely risky commitment to be make. We’ll always be grateful for the private investors who stepped up and enabled us to continue – not to mention the cast and crew who believed in the film enough to join with us on low-budget madness.

Here’s what we had to say a year ago today…

“This has been a tough week for the project. Without going into details, we have had to rejig the entire production, and for a time seriously considered whether we should close it down. The producers had a two-day ‘tea-break’ in which to consider our options.

The result was a renewed determination to press forward, drawing on the steely resolve and creative manoeuvring that has become our trademark. The decision to press on is either madness or inspiration, and I guess only the results will demonstrate which it is.
For a time it looked like a total eclipse of the Moon. But during an eclipse, even when the sky grows dark, that which is eclipsed is still there. It’s just disappeared from sight for a while. I learned a long time ago never to doubt in the dark what you saw in the light.
Very few people would have stayed on this journey as long as we have, given the obstacles which have been put in our way. But perhaps that’s the test which sorts out the achievers from the tryhards.
We remain dependent on the goodwill of all those who have believed in this story and this film, and have committed with us to bring it to the screen.
The Moon shines on…”

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