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Posted on July 22, 2010 by Mike Riddell

Some comments on the film from the audience (see the full comments here):

“The Insatiable Moon will have a lasting effect both in NZ and beyond… A must-see!”

“The Insatiable Moon… only the next best NZ movie you NEED to see!!! 4 seasons in one day – it makes you laugh, cry, angry, content …and makes you insatiably proud of our wonderful Kiwi film-makers and artists!”

“I think it is the genuinely funniest NZ movie I have seen.”

“I would definitely recommend this spectacular, heart felt film to all my friends.”

“An emotional, challenging and thought- provoking tale of a slice of life at the unfamiliar margins of New Zealand society.”

“An excellent script and stunning performances from all the leads which draw one in. To say it is moving, witty, and very funny doesn’t do it justice.”

“Justified plaudits for the delightful and subtly layered Kiwi script, the casting of such an eccentric array of wonderful boarding house actors and others, the succinct and apposite music, and the well focused and intelligent skills of director Riddell and cinematographer Burstyn.”

“Another kiwi gem of a film – deep, moving, funny and sad in the right proportions – superbly acted and directed – a real triumph and a must see.”

“I think is the best New Zealand film ever. Made on a shoestring but starring Rawiri Paratene of Whale Rider fame, it made us laugh, made us cry, was just a joy. It’s The Insatiable Moon, and I urge you to see it and show it. I predict you’ll love it.”

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