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Posted on December 22, 2009 by Mike Riddell

The boarding house guys get down and dirty

In the beginning there were 25 days of filming, and each one of them stretched into an indeterminate future. And now, quite suddenly, each and every one of those days is ended. They have been full, rich days. Days replete with astonishing performances and beautiful frames as the camera allowed us to interrogate reality in new and surprising ways. And through it all, the magic. I know we’ve spoken of that a lot in the course of this blog, but for good reason. There are those things which come upon you, not of your own making, which it would be wrong not to acknowledge as being out of the ordinary. So it was for us all as we shot for the moon. For 25 good days; and now there are none.

The wrap party on Saturday night continued in the vein of good times. There was wine taken; indeed there was. Some very fine wine from Hawkes Ridge winery, provided through the very good services of our friends at Brand Magic. There was music played; most spectacularly by the incomparable Luke Hurley – but also a very fine rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Gareth Higgins and Chantelle Gerrard. There were words spoken; some public and some private. They were words intended for those who have been a part of the whole adventure, and so are not to be repeated here. There were friendships celebrated – and, we suspect, the odd one consummated. But again, that is not for us to speak of. The small hours of the morning greeted us, and there were those who found a pool to cool off in. What can be said was that many who experienced it all spoke of it as the best wrap party they had ever attended.

What made it memorable was not what was consumed but what was given. The love, the friendship, the fun, the celebration of life. The gratitude for what we all knew was as much something which had happened to us as that which we had created. It turned out that the making of The Insatiable Moon was an experience of what some speak of as a ‘thin place’; where the sacred and the ordinary are so mixed up that it’s impossible to separate them. All you can do is to count yourself lucky that you were there at the time. We have a small hope that something of it has lodged itself in the film. May it be so.

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