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Posted on November 23, 2009 by Mike Riddell

A quick shot from my computer on set at the boarding house. We just started down here this morning and are in the midst of what will be a six day run. The boarding house scenes occupy around 30% of the script or more.

It’s great to have the use of an actual boarding house. Most of the residents have gone for a summer holiday up the coast, with just a few left behind as extras. There’s the odd one or two who weren’t that keen on moving out so have opted to stay and add some spice to our shots.
This is the first day of having our scrum of characters who surround Arthur. It’s brilliant to see them interacting with each other round the table. Each of them brings something unique and distinctive to their roles which both goes beyond and brings to life the script. They’re having a ball with it all.
No doubt it’ll all get better as the week goes on…

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