Dining Out

Posted on May 28, 2009 by Mike Riddell

Updating from Hong Kong on my way back to NZ. Yesterday was something of a gathering of the clan. First up it was a get-together over lunch near the National Theatre, which involved Rawiri Paratene, Pip, Rob and moi. Ra is looking good and clearly enjoying life in London. It was good news to clarify his availability for a November shoot, though it’s a narrow window of opportunity as after that he’s unavailable again. He remains as committed as he always has been to the film. We discussed such vital issues as the speed of growth of his facial hair :-)

Later on we trekked across to Soho to meet up with Gillies Mackinnon. We were joined by David Ball, Welsh producer, and David Cawley who will come out to NZ to camera assist. We had a good dinner at a funky little Indonesian place (Nusa Dua, see above) suggested by Gillies. Once again we needed to nut out schedules, this time with our director. It was tight, but we believe we can fit in preproduction for the November shoot. We also clarified who he wants to bring out with him (DOP, editor) for the shoot.
But mostly we just enjoyed hanging out together and swapping stories. Later on a few of us, including Gillies and Ra, retired to a cellar bar where we carried on the banter over a few more drinks. All in all a bloody good time, and a high note on which to end my short UK sortie. We raised the odd glass to the making of the film.
Next time I see them all will be for preproduction in Auckland…

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